Flower Bouquets

Symbolism and Traditions Around Flower Bouquets

We create flower bouquets for any given occasion. Flower bouquets are used for offices, public buildings, homes, or handheld. Most of the time flower bouquets are given for anniversaries or birthdays. They are more prevalent in weddings, as many are seen with the bride and the bridesmaids. When flower bouquets are not handheld, they are placed in planters or vases. It helps brighten up a space wherever they are placed, either by bedsides or tabletops. It is up to the customer how they wish us to arrange the flowers, either in modern or traditional styles. There is much symbolism around bouquets and the different flowers used to create bouquets. Amazingly, many people did not know floral arrangements date back to ancient Egypt in approximately 2500 BC.  Many of the traditions in floral arrangements are still in use today. We have come a long way to perfection in the florist industry

The most famous of all the floral arrangements we create is the wedding bouquet. The wedding bouquet is one of the most traditional items used. There is much history to speak of some people may not know. Wedding bouquets started in ancient Rome and Greece, and they were not beautiful flowers. Bouquets were used to ward off evil spirits when the woman married. Many believed evil spirits would attack the bride on her wedding day. She carried the bouquet filled with garlic and aromatic herbs. Both the bride and groom had garlands worn as necklaces for the same reason. Flowers became the new wedding bouquet around 1700  and its purpose was to add beauty to the bride's wedding gown. At the end of the wedding, tradition had the bride throw the bouquet and whoever caught it would be next in line to wed. We are proud to be a part of this history.