Gift Shop In Murray Bridge

A Gift Shop in Murray Bridge with All Your Floral and Gift Needs

Our gift shop in Murray Bridge is filled with many different gifts for different occasions. In the gift department, we have candles and fragrance diffuses, body lotions, hand soaps, body wash and hand cremes in the popular and sought after Glasshouse fragrance range. There are many different scents to choose from. These beautiful products bring peace of mind to the soul as people relax and enjoy the absolute luxury of these products. They make great gifts for anyone. We also offer different sized  vases to put the flowers of choice in. Some people like artificial flowers as they stand the test of time and are everlasting. There is need to water or take care of them.  We also have a great supply of dried flowers available. Soft toys are in stock to bring a smile to children or to include in new baby arrangements or just as a gift to show your love.

Be sure to add a box of chocolates from our range as an added delight.

For those guys who want to treat their ladies extra special, there are gift hampers available too. They also work well around the holidays for Christmas gifts. There are different items we can put together like chocolates, wine, champagne, nuts, fruits, cookies, pretzels, caramel popcorn, toffee, lollipops, or other snacks and goodies. It is a little extra than offering flowers and candy to those you love or want to impress. It goes the extra mile to let that particular person know you are interested or you care about them. They make great gifts, and the thought and effort that goes into gift planning will impress anyone who receives these gift hampers. There is no right or wrong item to put inside. It all depends on what the person is interested in, but we can put it all together in a way that says it all.