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Handmade Candles

Country Blooms Florist: Handmade Candles and Diffusers

Country Blooms Florists offers more than gorgeous flower arrangements. We carry a line of handmade candles and diffusers that we make with him in mind.

And we use only high-quality natural ingredients to transform a space with scents like our enticingly tropical, Mango, and Papaya handmade candles. The combination of passionfruit, Mango, papaya, sweet jasmine, geranium, rose, and notes of musk and vanilla are like a balmy island breeze.

Most of the candles you can buy in a department store are cheap paraffin. That's because these candles are cost-effective to mass-produce. The thing is, paraffin can be toxic, and it leaves soot behind.

On the other hand, highly refined paraffin wax is 100% clean burning. We use only the purest paraffin, beeswax, soy wax, and organic cotton wicks. What this means for you are smokeless, dripless, handmade candles.

You can also count on handmade candles to be unique. We ensure every candle is hand-crafted and hand-painted. If you're looking for a clean-burning alternative to store-bought candles, try our handmade candles and experience the difference.

Likewise, pick from our collection of diffusers. There are ceramic and terracotta diffusers for personal use in a small area. We also have handmade candle diffusers that heat the essential oil using a candle, promoting diffusion throughout the space.

And we offer reed diffusers. These rattan sticks have small channels allowing the essential oil to travel up the stick and release the scent into the room. Lighter oils tend to diffuse faster than heavier oils.

For example, soothe your mind and relax with our bergamot and eucalyptus reed diffuser. The natural reed diffuser base soaks up the essential oils and emits a light, lasting fragrance.

If you're searching for handmade candles or diffusers, you can shop conveniently online at Country Blooms Florist today.

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