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Different Types of Roses and Their Meanings

Flowers are still the most effective way for one person to tell another person how much he or she loves that person. Roses are still some of the most popular choices for flowers as well. There's a rose color for just about every expression you might want to make someone understand. These are a few common rose colors and what they could mean to the person you send them to:

Red Roses

Red roses are perhaps the most popular of them all. They're usually the gorgeous flowers people send to their wives and mothers on special holidays. They're also the ones that men give women when they are trying to romance them. The color red in the rose signifies love and passion in this situation. Therefore, a red rose would be a perfect gift for a person you want in your future as a mate or spouse. It is great for first dates and special occasions like prom nights.

White Roses

White roses symbolize all things pure. Thus, you could use them to express pure love to another person. You could also send them to someone you know is living a life of purity. These white roses can also come in handy at weddings and other formal events because of the high level of elegance they carry. The recipient of white roses will be happy to receive them because they offer such a wholesome appearance. Think about sending some roses this color to someone you admire and look up to. It might be the smartest thing you've done in a long time.

Ivory Roses

Ivory roses are a bit off-color. Sometimes, people mistake them for the color beige or tan. You could express your admiration for someone using ivory roses if you don't necessarily want to express an idea of complete purity. For example, you might send ivory roses to an older woman who is classy but has also lived her life. Ivory roses are also excellent for certain times of the year as well. They can be very festive in autumn, for example.

Pink Roses

Pink roses are an expression of love, just like red roses are. However, the pink version of roses expresses a different kind of love than the red roses. Red roses are more geared toward romance, while pink roses are more likely to represent the friendship of two people. They are sweet and affectionate in color and gesture, and they would be perfect to send someone of the opposite sex whom you love as a friend but don't want that person to get the wrong idea. Sending pink roses will keep the situation innocent so that no one feels awkward about it.

Now you know a few of the options you have when it comes to roses. There are many more colors of roses for you to choose from. These were some popular choices, but you can still find out about many more options you have. Take some time and order a loved one the perfect roses for the occasion.

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