The Dos and Don'ts of Flowers for Men

Surprising your favorite guy with a bouquet of flowers is not as unacceptable as it sounds. Society and men have become sensitized through equal rights and political correctness. In fact, most men have always had an appreciation for their mates to make them feel loved. Fresh flowers are the perfect way to show this expression. Here are some guidelines to follow when buying flowers for men.

Don't expect your florist to be a mind reader when placing your order. The type of emotional message that you want to portray can be anything from getting well to I love you.

Do relay to your florist that this is a special friend and the flowers should represent a masculine appeal.

Don't suggest a bouquet of flowers that are tasteful to you or your girlfriends. Pastel-colored roses and Baby's breath may be suitable for a female, but not for men.

Do think of the outdoors and nature when selecting flowers for men. They love the beauty of the world that is dotted with Australian native plants. A florist will know just what to arrange when you ask for a bouquet of native plants.

Don't surprise your male friend with a bouquet of flowers in public. While this is proper etiquette, there will always be those that disapprove. Your shining moment could turn into one of embarrassment for your mate.

Do keep flowers for men's bouquets bold and colorful according to your mate's favorite hues. For instance, if his home is decorated in minimalism with neutral colors, a mixture of Banksia, Waratah, flannel flowers, and Billy buttons in rich colors will make a unique masculine statement. Another idea is presenting a single potted orchid to portray a forever friendship.

Don't overlook a container for your array of special fresh flowers. Metal, wood, and glass are favorites to compliment the natural beauty of fresh-cut flora.

Do consider the scent of your flower arrangement. Many species are non-smelling, but a few Eucalyptus branches or leaves can fill the room with a fresh, relaxing scent to make your bouquet even more appealing.

Men do not have to be hard to buy for. Flowers can bring more joy than a bottle of cologne or a new shirt. Nature will always bring a smile or an inspiring sense of joy when arrangements are made with the correct occassion, sex, and age taken into consideration.

The next time you are thinking of a complimentary gift for a man, consider flowers as an option.

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