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The Power of the Flower

Flowers have always been the go-to gift of choice for generations. You can send flowers for any occasion. They're simple yet so significant. Flowers can make the most out of any holiday or turn an ordinary day into a remarkable one. There is a reason why they're called a "girl's best friend" that goes far beyond the famous marketing slogan. Studies have shown that flowers are linked explicitly to improving mental health and your overall well-being. I mean, who can resist a colorful bouquet of flowers? Most people can't. The real question is, why are they so irresistible? Researchers Jeannette Haviland-Jones and Terry McGuire of Rutgers University wanted to find out. Here is what they concluded.

Flowers Immediately Boost Happiness

In the Rutgers study, participants received various random gifts, from fruit baskets to candles. However, the study found that participants of all age groups expressed the most excitement when receiving flowers. Their moods immediately changed as they expressed emotions such as gratitude, astonishment, and genuine happiness.

Flowers Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Professor Jeannette discovered that flowers are one of the world's greatest stress relievers, and their effects can last for days. Participants in the study reported that they felt an immense relief of stress days after they first received the flowers. Not only did stress levels decrease, but they felt less depressed and anxious. In addition, some participants reported a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction with life.

Flowers Strengthen Relationships

When you share flowers with someone you love, it creates a special bond for both the receiver and the sender. As flowers offer a potent hit of happiness, our brains associate the experience with those who shared the flowers. So while sending flowers is a simple gesture, it shows how much love we have for that person.

Flowers are Healing

Flowers are also known to heal. There is a reason why people send flowers in times of crisis. Whether there is a death in the family, a loved one falls ill, or a heartbroken friend, flowers are a great pick-me-up. They can brighten someone's day and kickstart the healing process.

Flowers are Welcoming

Studies have shown that a home decorated with flowers had a more welcoming and inviting appeal than homes that didn't. Flowers are a symbol of trust and sharing, and spreading them throughout your living area makes your guests feel more comfortable and safe.

So, no matter what the occasion, flowers are more than just a gift. Flowers represent love, happiness and promote peace and tranquility among you and your loved ones.

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